Our Team

If you are a little old fashioned like us, and if you care about saving your grandparents' lost knowledge, then you've come to the right place.

A word about our founding members:

Claude Davis - Claude is a Wild West History Expert who, most of his life learned and preserved the true values and skills of our great grandfathers. He says: “What was “daily life” for the people who wandered the west we now called survival skills”. He is also the editor-in-chief of Ask a Prepper, a website where you can ask him anything about prepping and survival, free of any charge.

Susan Morrow - From Stocksfield, United Kingdom, Susan not only helped us write some of the most comprehensive chapters in The Lost Ways®, but she lives the ways of our grandparents. Among other things, Susan is a chemist who has been tracking and isolating the substances with healing properties found in plants. You may want to read her chapters from The Lost Ways® about plants, herbs, poultices and tinctures.

Erik Bainbridge - From San Francisco California, is a native American who has helped tremendously in the reconstruction of the native American village of Kule Loklo. As a volunteer, his goal is to save and preserve the native American traditions and skills. Skills that may come again handy someday. From him you will learn in The Lost Ways® how to build the subterranean roundhouse, a structure that can serve as a root cellar and shelter for many.

Ferguson Mason - He started out with the Officer Training Corps, moving on to a Territorial Army reserve infantry company, then finally spending 14 years as a Regular. His military journey was a long and varied one, and there were plenty moments of high tension and drama along the way. Lost some friends along the way and almost died. Soldiers think about survival a lot. What Ferguson discovered is that there are a lot of skills of our grandparents that he used along the way. And many of them are found inside The Lost Ways®.

Theresa Demario - From Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Theresa is living the old ways of our grandparents. As a homesteader she preserves all the food produce year-round. She is an avid history learner and wrote a chapter in The Lost Ways® about food preservation where she added lots of pictures too.